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Gasket Machines - AWM

The AWM is auto winding machine for high quantity orders and is very flexible to change from one size to other. The winding process is fully automatic and the operator only need to load the raw input material and change the appropriate production tools for sizes saved in PLC.

This machine has B&R Automation PLC where  you set all the winding parameters and finished outside diameter and every piece will be finished with accuracy ± 0,2mm. The machine can also make the windings with filler combination and control the weld power for different welds.

There is also statistic option where you can save desired finished diameter and also control the production quantity. All statistic data and programs can be saved  to USB for customer or production need.


Brief overview

  • compact design, easy to operate
  • fast and precise servomotor positioning
  • windings with filler combinations
  • programs saved to PLC or USB
  • production statistic for each size saved to PLC or USB
  • high accuracy of finished products
  • forming pressure control by PC

Technical Information

operating mode auto
min. diameter ASME 3/4´-150
max. diameter ASME 12´-150
voltage 400-500 VAC 50/60 Hz
power input 5,5 kW
air pressure 6-8 bar
max. winding speed servomotor control up to 200 rpm
no of programs 99
OD accuracy ± 0,2 mm
cycle time 2´-150 (20 sec.)