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Gasket Machines - BGAL

bgalThe BGAL is auto lathe machine for ring bevel and groove use in high quantity production. With B&R PLC you can set all parameters for bevel or groove profile.

Because it is full automatic lathe the operator just need to fill up the loader box with raw material, change the appropriate production tools and all finished products are colecting to the box below. Ofcourse you can machine the carbon, stainless and alloy material.

Brief overview

  • easy and fast tool change
  • flexible and fast production

Technical Information

operating mode auto
min. diameter ASME 1´-150
max. diameter ASME 6´-150
voltage 400 VAC 50/60 Hz
power input 5 kW
air pressure 6-8 bar
max. production speed depends on material
cycle time 2´-150 (15 sec.)
loader ring box 150 pcs.